ALICE® (ArtificiaL Intelligence Cognitive Ecosystem)

ALICE® enables agencies and commercial organizations to transform and harness their data (analog, digital, IT systems, etc.) into a unified schema for analytics, mission execution, and NARA compliant records management.

Through ALICE®, we tailor and apply this suite of Brillient developed digital accelerators + Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) + open source tools to optimize clients’ processes and transform their data and systems to fully digital processing.

ALICE® connects and orchestrates enterprise-level workflows for ingestion of data, intelligent document processing (IDP), fast search engine eDiscovery, complete lifecycle electronic records management (ERM), and access to enterprise mission applications and content management systems.

The power of full spectrum digital transformation

Full spectrum digital transformation rainbow

The ALICE® Ecosystem

The ALICE® platform enables organizations to achieve friction-free functioning and services to their customers enabling:

  • Reduced Capital Expenditures (CAPEX)
  • Reduced Operating Expense (OPEX)
  • Shift people to high value work
  • Low touch
  • Always ON
  • Better Client Experience (CX)

DELIVER™ Model for successful implementation

DELIVER Model for successful implementation

Brillient has developed a 6 step DELIVER™ (Detect,EvaLuate, Implement, Validate, Execute, Run) model for implementing Digital Transformation solutions. With a still nascent set of technologies like AI, DELIVER is designed to reduce execution risk and offers a step by step process to deliver successful results. With the current state of research and technology, not every problem or challenge may be amenable to an intelligent solution. The proven DELIVER framework helps identify opportunities with the best business case to deliver an optimal Return On Investment (ROI). 

See ALICE® Work

ALICE® digital accelerators are successfully delivering value in production at multiple clients. A few select use cases representative of our work are presented below.

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Tax Transformation

Fast processing of large volumes of tax returns, dramatically reduced cost

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Immigration Transformation

AI automated processing with 3X speed and unprecedented 99% accuracy

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Farm Transformation

First unified view of farm and farmer data, accessible, discoverable – enabling better CX

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Global 1000 Manufacturer HR Transformation

First, unified digital view of all employee information. Higher HR team efficiency (EX), employee satisfaction (SX)

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